Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Stories in Focus: "Ghostbusters" 2016

I have been watching quite a few movies through Netflix, and haven't written a "Stories in Focus" article in quite a bit.  I have just watched a movie which I must give a review of now.  Yes, I have just watched the new Ghostbusters movie in the theater, in 3D at that as well.

I won't spoil anything.  I will be honest.  Judging from the trailers that this movie was going to be horrible.  I expected the worst.  Well, I will spoil one thing.  I enjoyed it.  I thought it was a fairly decent movie, and had parts that were funny, parts that were exciting and action packed, and parts that were just fun.  While I do not think that this movie is as good as the first two movies, I am pleased to say that this was not bad in my opinion.  There are some aspects that are cheesy or kind of lame, but this movie has some redeeming features.  There are some fairly hilarious moments, especially involving the daft secretary played by Chris Hemsworth.  The cameos by the cast members of the original movies are humorous.  The proton packs and other ghost-busting "weapons" the characters use are cool.  In some parts, the movie is almost like an action movie, with some pretty cool fights between the female Ghostbusters and the hordes of demonic ghosts destroying New York City.

There are some lame and cheesy moments, but I think this movie has enough good aspects that I am grateful it was made.  It probably could've been done better, but I hear there are going to be more installments in the works.  And I am glad for the female cast.  My first ever niece was born a week or so ago and I will be happy to be able to get her Ghostbusters action figures instead of Barbie dolls.  The female cast plays super smart scientists, and I hope that this might inspire a lot of young girls to become scientists or engineers or whatnot.  Better than talking Barbie dolls who say "I hate math!"

Overall, I recommend watching it.  You don't have to see it in theaters.  You can watch it when it comes out on disc or Netflix or whatnot, but be sure to watch it sometime.  I hope you get some enjoyment out of it, as I did.  I was pleasantly surprised that it was not horrific as I was expecting it to be.  I will soon be checking for others reviews. I forced myself not to listen to any reviews or comments about the film until I saw it.  I wanted to watch it myself without knowing what other people think.  This was a highly controversial installment because a lot of people thought it was going to be horrible before they even saw it.  The trailers do not do this movie justice.  The movie has its flaws and shortcomings, but it was a fun watch in my opinion.