Monday, July 27, 2015

The Blessings of Work

I’ve been wanting to write something about doing difficult work, how to overcome struggles and challenges. One of the main reasons I wanted to find work was so that I could learn how  best to do these things. For quite some time, I was struggling finding any work. But I was most inspired by one of my favorite quotes from the Bible:

2 Thessalonians 3:10b-13
"Anyone who would not work should not eat. We hear that some of you are unruly, not keeping busy but acting like busy-bodies. We enjoin all such, and we urge them strongly in the Lord Jesus Christ, to earn the food they eat by working quietly. You must never grow weary of doing what is right, brothers. "

For those who are struggling to find work or do their work, remember this: If you want to work, and God wants you to work, God has created some position or way for you to work. Just keep looking and be willing to try new things, and expect to make some mistakes along the way. Just trust that God has some kind of work lined up for you to do, and you need to be persistent in looking for it, even if sometimes you feel like you are groping around fruitlessly in the dark.

When I finally found a job, I thought I would be exhausted from being out of shape. But I have found that I am more tired outside of work than when I am actually working. Yesterday, I thought I wouldn’t make it. But after my break, I found my second wind and it wasn’t so bad. I’m glad I can finally tell my doctor that I exercise: four hours of brisk walking a day. I even get paid for it. My goal is to become the most productive worker in the company.