Wednesday, January 13, 2016

"Writing about Writing": Book Review "Writer for Hire" by Kelly James-Enger

This is one of those ironic pieces of writing in which I will write about something written about writing.  Basically, I am writing a review of a book written about writing.  I am going to start reading more books, articles, etc. that are written about writing and the craft, the processes and practices, the industry of writing, and how to write better and how to share what we write better.

I received a copy of the book "Writer for Hire: 101 Secrets to Freelance Success" by Kelly James-Enger from my brother as a Christmas gift.  I personally am not earning money as a freelance writer at the moment, but I know other people who do earn livings as freelance writers, and it is a form of employment that I am interested in pursuing in the future.  Not only have I become more interested in writing, and possibly earning some income by writing, but I also bought a copy of the book for one of my freelance writing friends, and I hope it helps him in his employment as a writer.

The book is written like a series of secrets and tips, to help with all the facets and issues relating to successfully writing, planning, finding, and getting paid for various writing jobs.  The author gives instruction on how to find writing work, how to approach clients and make proposals for pieces, how to manage time, set fees and pay agreements, determine rights to reprint and republish, and all kinds of other issues and details relating to making a successful career in freelance writing.  I have no personal experience with trying to make a career out of writing, but I think if I do in the future, I will use many of these tips, secrets, suggestions, guidelines, practices and processes that James-Enger shares in this book.  I will possibly look up and purchase some of her other books as well.

Overall, I think anyone considering or already engaged in the field of freelance writing will benefit from the information in this book.  At the very least, it gave me an idea of what the writing industry is like, and what it takes to make a decent living as a freelance author.  It has also piqued my interest in reading more books about the craft and subject of writing, and has engaged my desire to write more frequently and about more subjects.


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