Sunday, June 4, 2017

97% of Scientists Confirm Man-made Climate Change?

I just today saw a video of Leonardo di Caprio once again repeating that 97% of scientists say that human beings are causing global climate change.  I want to discuss how exactly that figure of 97 % was determined, because the criteria by which the author of the study being referenced used to determine whether a scientist affirms man-made climate change is completely fraudulent, deceptive, and dishonest.

The author of the 97% study looked at all the peer-reviewed scientific literature referencing whether human beings are causing climate change.  If a scientist even implied that we might be changing the climate at all, he included that scientist as affirming man-made climate change.  There were a lot of scientists who said we might be having some affect on climate, but the author of the study did not take into account how much effect.  This author just lumped all the scientists who even allowed for some possible climate change as if they all believed that human activity is going to cause global catastrophe as the alarmists like di Caprio, Al Gore and others proclaim.

I watched a video of a scientist who said that he wrote that human beings might possibly cause some change in climate, but even if it were so, it would not be very much at all, and he was included as belonging to the 97% of scientists who say that man-made climate change as well.  How many other scientists who believe it is possible that we might be causing a negligible amount of climate change were included in this figure of 97%.  Someone should do a study on this.  So when someone says to you that 97% of scientists say that human beings are causing climate change, how many of those scientists only said it is possible, or that if it is happening, it is negligible?  How many scientists included in that number actually stated that human beings are going to cause the end of the world as we know it because of Co2 emissions, etc?  The study which originated this 97% figure is dishonest.  Most of these climate change statistics we have do not come to us with a description of the method by which the figures were calculated, or the computer models which they used to derive that date.  When you actually investigate how these numbers were calculated, much fraud is brought to the surface, and for me, at least, and many others who do not buy into the chicken little hysteria behind these claims, the people promoting these scares, more and more lose their credibility as people who are basing their message on science and reason, and moreso on political and economic ideologies and anti-human philosophical biases and agendas.

I personally believe that the ideology behind the man-made climate change and hysteria is that of anti-human genocidal population reduction.  These people believe that there are too many human beings on the planet and that we need to vastly reduce both the number of people living on the planet and the amount of energy and resources we each use.  This will require a global government dictatorship to ration how much energy people are allowed to use and what technologies can be used to produce it.  The whole global warming, climate change hysteria is a vehicle for arguing that we need some kind of global authority to dictate to the world how much energy and resources people can use.  Not all environmentalists are aware of this agenda.  Some are, and openly support such measures.  But this is the agenda and ideology behind environmentalism and global warming/climate change hysterics.  If I were to believe that these climate change and global warming warnings were true, I would openly support genocide and population reduction measures as well as a global dictatorship to tell everyone throughout the world what kind and amount of energy, technology, and resources they would be allowed to use.  If man made global warming and climate change is real, and we have a moral obligation to stop it, then genocide, global dictatorship, and population reduction measures (i.e. killing lots of people), would be completely moral and justified measures to respond to the threat to the planet.  So if you believe in global warming and man-made climate change, just cut through the bullshit and admit that we need to kill lots of people, put the people under a global energy dictatorship, and reduce the standard of living for everyone who isn't part of said dictatorship.  Because if the global warming, anthropogenic climate change warnings and temper tantrums are true, those are the only means by which you are going to stop such threats to our planet.

If global warming and man-made climate change are real and need to be stopped, this would justify and necessitate global genocide and dictatorship, and since I believe genocide and dictatorship are immoral, I eventually conclude that global warming and man-made climate change are lies, for truth can never justify or necessitate immorality, evil, or sin by us in order to solve it.


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